Shopping conveniently by leasing

Why leasing?


Leasing is particularly suitable for companies that do not want to commit to owning equipment and whose equipment has a short economic life. With leasing, it is possible to keep the company's equipment technically up to date. We offer leasing opportunities to solvent companies, communities, municipalities and the state, but also to start-ups and business names. Leasing always requires a positive credit decision.

About Grenke


GRENKE market leader in Europe in the "Small ticket IT leasing" area of ​​expertise. GRENKE is an independent finance company that is not affiliated with banks or equipment manufacturers. We offer our leasing customers a quick and easy way to make IT purchases. We finance IT equipment, as well as standard software. Packages containing only software are also covered by our funding.

Leasing benefits

  • You save on taxes because leasing purchases can be deducted in full for your tax purposes.
  • You save cash for other needs and are not tied to products permanently.
  • Equity does not suffer from large one-off acquisitions.
  • You can invest the money planned for purchases in the business itself, where they will yield better.
  • You know the fixed costs of contract equipment in advance and can budget more efficiently.
  • You are guaranteed a quick credit decision and purchasing is easy.
  • We offer flexibility in contracts. If you wish, you can even replace the leasing equipment with newer ones during the contract period.

Evaluate your monthly installment

Once you have estimated the size of your monthly installment, please contact us. We are applying for a lease on your behalf to the market-leading IT leasing financier Grenke.

Amount of funding
Payment period, months
93 € / month
The monthly installment is indicative. The final price will be determined after the approved credit decision. Leasing payments are made in 3-month periods in advance. A formal offer requires a positive credit decision.