Recruitment event for seniors and entrepreneurs

17.11.2021 13:00

Time to start the show:

2021-11-17 13:00:00

Solid experience for use recruitment event Seinäjoki 17.11.2021


Welcome to a recruitment event that brings together entrepreneurs / employers who often need part-time workers, as well as seniors who want extra income and joy in their daily lives.


A solid experience deployment recruitment event


Time: Wed 17.11. 13 - 16 
Venue: Seinäjoki Arena, Kirkkokatu 23


The event is organized by the Pension Association's Pension to Work project, Southern Ostrobothnia Entrepreneurs, Coastal Ostrobothnia Entrepreneurs and the Pension Association's Southern Ostrobothnia District.


13.00 Opening of the event
Toimitusjohtaja Heikki Risikko, Southern Ostrobothnia Entrepreneurs, Executive Vice President Chip Jussila, Southern Ostrobothnia District of the Finnish Pension Association


13.10 Panel discussion on the employment experiences of pensioners and entrepreneurs
Toimitusjohtaja Pia Alanko ViiskytViisPlus Seinäjoki, restaurant entrepreneur Rina Hirviniemi, Villa Sandviken, restaurant professional, retired Hans Nyberg, pensioner Ulla Harju, pensioner, babysitter Ritva Haapasalmi


Panel leader CEO Hippie Hovi, Coastal Ostrobothnia Entrepreneurs


13.50 What should an entrepreneur consider when hiring a retiree?
Head of Labor Market Affairs Harri Hellstén, Finnish Entrepreneurs


14.10 Views of pensioners and entrepreneurs on employment according to surveys
Project expert Kari Hiltunen, Retirement to Work project


14.30 pm How good is the ability to work in retirement?
Physician Lasse Voot


15.00 Labor market: meeting of entrepreneurs / employers and jobseekers:
Getting to know each other and exchanging contact information and agreeing on what to do next


Coffee service